Container shipping companies collectively raise prices in May

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At the beginning of the year, under the leadership of Maersk, the leading container shipping company, global shipping prices were expected to "rising". And the previous several industry-wide price increases have also enabled the "sing up" to achieve a "real up" market. In 2011, the operating performance of listed shipping companies was dismal. Only China COSCO, a subsidiary of China Ocean Shipping Group, lost 10.448 billion yuan in net profit, a year-on-year decrease of 254.4%. China Shipping Container Lines, which is mainly engaged in container transportation and related businesses under China Shipping Group, lost 2.743 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 165.27%.

Recently, the BDI index has continued to stabilize at more than 900 points, and the demand for bulk cargo transportation has slowly rebounded. At the same time, there have been several sharp price increases in the container shipping market before. The reflection from the cargo owner: After the price adjustment, "it basically has no effect on us. When the cost rises When it reaches 1%, we may adjust export prices." On the one hand, loss-making airlines are in urgent need of business expansion, on the other hand, the “good” feedback from cargo owners.

May container shipping companies collectively raise prices

From May 1st: COSCO Container Lines will increase the freight rate between Asia and Europe by 425USD/TEU. Hapag-Lloyd and Mediterranean Shipping have also decided to increase the freight rate between Asia and Europe by 400USD/TEU (20-foot TEU) from May 1st.

Maersk and NYK also announced that starting from May 1st, the freight rate for this route will be increased by 500 USD/FEU (40-foot standard container).

From May 1st: China Shipping Container Lines intends to raise the price by US$500/TEU again

The trajectory of shipping companies' price increases in 2012:

From March 1st: China Shipping Container Lines will increase the freight rate per TEU for the Far East to Europe and Mediterranean routes by US$750 per TEU and US$150 per TEU for the Far East to Middle East routes.

Starting from March 15th: Maersk Line will implement the latest container freight rates on the Far East to the United States and Canada, and the increase will be US$240/TEU and US$320/TEU respectively. This is also after Maersk took the lead in raising the freight rates of Asia-Europe routes after the Spring Festival, and then raised the freight rates of important routes again.

From February to April: Evergreen, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, OOCL, COSCO, China Shipping Lines and other Chinese and foreign shipping companies have updated their Asia-Europe line tariff plans, increasing the freight rate from US$200 to US$750 per TEU .


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