2022 New journey, starting again

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"2022 New Journey, Starting Again"

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On December 18, 2021, United Logistics held the year-end summary and award ceremony of "New Journey, Starting Again" in Futian District, Shenzhen City. Thanks for your support to United Logistics in the past year, we hope to continue to advance together in 2022 and look forward to the future!




Leadership speech


At the annual meeting, Chen Yuan, general manager of Shenzhen United Logistics Development Co., LTD., made a speech, expressing gratitude and affirmation to all the staff of United Logistics. At the same time, we are grateful to the customers and suppliers who have helped us all the way. Without your support and affirmation, we will not have the harvest in 2021.



Review the past

As time flies, the year of 2021 has come to an end. Looking back on the past work, the significance of joint logistics lies in the persistence of good times and bad times. There are good results, but also many problems, which need to be constantly improved and perfected. In the New Year, may we work together to achieve new achievements.



Ready for the future


Waves rolling, can not remember how much sweat struggling to write; Torrent brave into the ups and downs, burst infinite reason and strong head forward. In this unforgettable struggle process, it is our partners and employees who will work together and move forward together with trust and enthusiasm.

Yesterday, the brilliant achievements have become the past, the future, there is a wider ocean waiting for us to cleave the waves, sail! We will not forget your efforts, and will continue to join hands with you to create a better tomorrow!



Outstanding Employee of the Year

Wish you in the New Year, meet more lovely yourself

Harvest the future you want on your New Year's resolution list



(Xiao Zaoling, Li Hailan, ZHANG Chunyu, Yao Yao, Gong Yuhua, Shen Cien)

Success is always accompanied by hardships, harvest is always accompanied by sweat, in the past year, they are cautious and cautious, in the ordinary post to create extraordinary performance, they have the courage to take responsibility, behind a glory is their silent pay, pay and harvest, awarded shenzhen branch: Xiao Zoling, Li Hailan; Tianjin Branch: Zhang Chunyu, Yao Yao; Shanghai Branch: Gong Yuhua, Shen Cien "2021 Outstanding Employees".


Special Team Contribution Award


"Yu Yamei, Dong Yangzhi, Chen Minzhi"

(General Manager of branch company receives award on behalf)

There is an effort called perseverance, there is a pursuit called forge ahead, with a dream called courage, they are in the cultivation of their own world, they are in the interpretation of a wonderful life. With resolute steps and simple style, to create their own brilliance, this is a pioneering, courageously enterprising team, this is a team to learn from each other and grow together. Awarded 2021 "Pioneering and Advancing Team" to Tianjin Branch;

Responsibility, responsibility, and good fighting are synonymous with them. Every time they move forward, they always glow with the miracle of youth. They do not forget their original aspiration and do not fear the challenges of external changes. Every time they appear, they show boundless strength. Awarded the "Overcoming Difficulties Team" of 2021 in Shanghai Branch;

They unite together to create brilliant; They warmly embrace, through thick and thin together; They cohesion vitality with harmony, they defend honor with performance, together to provide protection for customers; They have the spirit of surpassing themselves and challenging themselves; Never give up morale, tenacious struggle; They came towards us with irresistible vigor. Awarded "Collaborative Dedication Team" of 2021 to Shenzhen Branch.



Individual Special Contribution Award


Dong Yangzhi

He is a man of science and technology from the North who was buried in freight transportation. He has the humor of a man from the north and the delicacy and warmth of a man from the South. In the company brand design, with their own artistic talent, live up to expectations, will: united the world, the value of perfect presentation! Awarded to Dong Yangzhi, General Manager of Shanghai Branch -- 2021 "Individual Creative Contribution Award"



Delicate, gentle, tenacious, diligent, full of positive energy. It's her personality. In the face of the epidemic, she is fearless and courageous. Women do not let men, is her pay for the company in the Southeast Asian market to seize the opportunity. For the company is a harvest, but also a kind of moving. She is a beautiful sunny flower! Awarded "Individual Courageous Retrograde Award" in 2021 to Vietnam Branch



Year-end Working Meeting


       Looking back on 2021, we stick to our posts to compose a new story together. The company has grown from a small team and gradually scaled up. We will serve more customers, grow together and move forward together. Looking ahead to 2022, we head into the New Year with an even better vision.



Looking forward to---2022

     In this happy big general rush day, no amount of literature and art, no amount of lyric also enemy unexpected super welfare!

Special award


The second prize


The third prize


The Sunshine Award


---------Thanksgiving together build a dream of the future---------


In 2022, we will bloom and be more brilliant! As the New Year approaches, everything looks new. In the blink of an eye, we have been together for ten years. I sincerely thank you all for your continuous care and support. Here, on behalf of all the staff of the company, united Logistics would like to express the most sincere thanks and wishes to you!

Finally, I wish you all the best.

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