1. Company profile 

Established in 2022, our company is a subsidiary company of limited liability company, headquartered in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in international freight forwarding business by sea and land. The company is located in the free trade Financial Center, No. 1, 4th South Yu Road, Huli District, Xiamen city, with a good environment. The company is currently in the critical period of business expansion, with great development space and promotion opportunities. We look forward to the positive and enthusiastic students to join us and create a wonderful future together. 

2. Main business 

Undertake the international transportation agency business of import and export cargoes by sea, land and air, including: canvassing, consignment, booking space, storage, transit, container assembly and unpacking, settlement of freight and incidentals, transportation consulting business; Logistics information consultation (all above excluding dangerous goods); To operate import and export business of goods and technologies (except the items prohibited by the above laws, administrative regulations and decisions of The State Council, and the restricted items shall be operated only after obtaining permission). The licensed business items are: highway freight forwarding agency, railway freight forwarding agency, special cargo transport (container); No shipping business. 

3. Main routes 

Southeast Asia, India, Europe, The United States, the Middle East 

4. Contact information 


Landline number:+86 (0592)6011052 

Mobile number:+86 13859980194 


 Address:Unit 01, 8 / F, Building B, Free Trade Financial Center, No.1 South 4th Yuyu Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Post Code: 361000

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