1. Company profile

United Supply Chain United SCM (Vietnam) was established in January 2020. It is a comprehensive entity engaged in international freight forwarding, logistics project development, and providing customers with tailor-made supply chain services; it is a professional, international, networked, and modern enterprise. Although United SCM (Vietnam) started late, relying on the rich team of the head office, strong talent pool and experienced team, it is in a relatively stable development. It is a professional logistics company with integrated supply chain. Covers shipping, air transportation, land transportation, customs declaration, supply chain logistics, large-scale bulk and miscellaneous parts transportation and other industries.

2. Main business

-Sea transportation

-Air transport

-Land transport


-Supply chain logistics

-Transportation of large bulk cargo

3. Main routes

 Vietnam to China, America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, India

4. Contact information

PIC:Ms Dan    

Mobile number:+86 13817890292

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